Drawing and Publishing using Microsoft Word 2000
Although the notes are written for Word 2000, they are applicable to later versions and MS Office. Covered is using the Office Assistant for Help, Revision of Fonts using Effects, Character Spacing, Text Effects and Drop Caps. Using the Tables & Borders and Word Art Toolbar, Auto-text, Pictures & ClipArt. Learning & applying the functions of the Drawing Toolbar, Text wrapping, Grouping Images, Linking Text boxes & manipulating text from the horizontal.
Designing and Making a side fold greetings card, a double folded brochure sheet, a tent fold greeting card with a pop-out centre. These three items require using the Format dialog for Gradient Colouring & Borders using Colours & Lines, Fill Colours & Effects. Also the Advanced option to accurately position images and text.
This course comprises 8 lessons, Lessons 1 to 5 learning to find and use all the Drawing Tools & Lessons 6 to 8 putting those skills into practice to design and make the items mentioned. Previous experience is desirable to at least having completed the Word Part 2 course, also Desktop Publishing would be an advantage but not absolutely necessary if you have some personal experience with, say, MS Publisher. The course is full on and requires reasonable keyboard and computer skills to complete successfully. The completion of Home Projects between lessons is essential to maintain continuity.
All in all this is a very interesting course with lots of new skills to learn and put into practice, also you will begin to extract more value and enjoyment out of your software. If you want to squeeze more out of Microsoft Word, give this course a go. Highly recommended!
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