Files and Disk Management

Here in the Files and Disk Management course you will learn the skills at the very heart of operating your computer effectively, such as the operating system, the function of "disks" and "drives" and the uses of folders, files and paths is explained. Also how to Open, Close, Save, Delete and Rename files and folders. The function of the "Recycle Bin" is explained. You will discover how to find "lost" files and how to Rename files and Folders. Creating new Folders and a Folder structure using Windows Explorer and also Moving and Copying files and folders as well as the "Send To" option for transferring files to floppy disks is also explained. Moving files by "copying and pasting" or "dragging and dropping", copying and formatting floppy disks, creating shortcuts, scanning disks, defragmenting and much, much more. This is a course you just cannot afford to miss!

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