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Useful Links
Google logoUse Google to search Information, Pictures, Newsgroups, News, Translations and more.
Click the Google image on the left.

Snap Internet
Snap Internet can provide you with a full range of internet services such as Dial-up connection, web mail, broadband access, wireless access, web page hosting and Domain Name registration etc. You can join online using the link above.

Christchurch City Council
Your link to the website of Christchurch City Council for all you need to know about what is going on, coming events and Council services.

Download Foxit Reader
Link here to the Foxit website from where you may download the Foxit Reader program. This is an excellent fast PDF Reader and uses much less drive space than Adobe Acrobat.

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Windows Update
Go here for the latest Updates and Patches for your Microsoft software programs and operating system, especially the Critical Updates. Microsoft will scan your computer and then offer to download and install the required updates.

Heavens Above
If you are interested in the stars and man-made satellites in our skies, then this is the site for you. Especially amaze the youngsters by being able to predict and point out the International Space Station or the Hubble Telescope traversing the sky. The Cashmere Hills settings work well.

Digital Camera Reviews & Comparisons
A website for reviews and comparisons of digital camers, digital picture galleries, articles, buy/sell etc. Quite useful if you are thinking of purchasing a digital camera.

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Are you bothered by spam mail such as unsolicited offers of loans, mortgages, medications etc? Here is a little program that can save you a lot of wasted time waiting for junk mail to download. Mail Box Dispatcher will tell you what is in your mailbox and you can easily sort the junk from the good stuff, select the junk to delete it from the server directly and just download the good mail. You will need the Pop3 address of your mail server, your Username and your Password (as used in your email program) to set Mail Box Dispatcher up. This is Freeware.