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Trial Tutorials

The following tutorials are presented as a trial to gauge members' response to this kind of site content

These tutorials are in the form of self-executing Shockwave Flash files. Just click on the link indicated to download the file. When prompted, click to SAVE the file to your computer. The best place to Save to is your Desktop so the downloaded file is easy to locate. The tutorials are produced on a computer running the Windows © 98 operating system, but are easily understood and adaptable to all the Windows © operating systems in current use. As always, using good computer practice, scan for viruses before running.

Tutorial 1. This is a tutorial demonstrating the downloading from the internet and installing of a small program called Mail Box Dispatcher. A description of this program and a download link to the website where you may obtain it can be found at the bottom of the Links Page. You may find it useful to view this tutorial first.
[Download the tutorial here](583 Kb)

Tutorial 2. This tutorial demonstrates the setting up or configuring the program Mail Box Dispatcher for use in conjunction with your email program.
[Download the tutorial here](310 Kb)

Tutorial 3. This is a short tutorial demonstrating the procedure for Formatting of a floppy disk.
[Download the tutorial here](247 Kb)

Tutorial 4. A short tutorial demonstrating the different views of folder content that are available to the user. The method shown is only one of various ways of setting these views.
[Download the tutorial here](287 Kb)

Your feedback about these tutorials will be most welcome. Comments about ease of downloading, usefulness etc., are most valuable, also if you have an opinion on whether you think this is the sort of content you like to see on the SeniorNet GardenCity website. Please send any comments by email using the link below. Thank You.