Word Processing Part 1, using Microsoft Word

Word Processing Part 1 consists of 4 lessons (Lessons 1 to 4) as an introduction to word processing using Microsoft applications, Notepad and Wordpad. The course covers initially the computer system, with particular attention to the important keys used in word processing, the use of the mouse and communication with the computer via software and disks. Lesson 1 will cover Familiarisation, managing the mouse, clicking and dragging, the cursor with regard to the Insertion Point and Insertion point marks, the Window and basic editing. Lesson 2 covers Scrolling,further Window manipulation and Navigating through a document. Next, in Lesson 3, you will study Dialog boxes, Drives, Data, Files, Directories or Folders. In particular the Open dialog box and Opening files will be studied in detail. Finally, Lesson 4 will deal with Indenting, Saving a document, Printing a document and the Formatting Toolbar for styling text. After completion of this course you should have a basic grasp of Word Processing and be ready to progress to the Word Processing Part 2 course, Lessons 5 to 8, using Microsoft Word, a more sophisticated piece of software.

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