Word Processing Part 2, using Microsoft Word

Word Processing Part 2, Lessons 5 to 8, uses Microsoft Word. Lesson 5 looks at Word's windows, their manipulation and structure. Also some word processing techniques. In Lesson 6 is covered Spell Checking, Normal and Print Layout view, Margins and Indents, Line Spacing and Special Characters. Lesson 7 will teach how to locate "lost" files, Headers and Footers and some revision of what has been learned previously. Finally Lesson 8 will cover the Number Pad, non-keyboard characters, using Templates and Tabulation.
Each Lesson will include a Project to complete and some practice at home may be useful to gain more familiarity with your newly acquired skills.
Suggestions on further study of Word Processing methods and where to go after completing this course. You may sign up for the Files and Disk management, Spreadsheet or Database course or even Desktop Publishing using Microsoft Publisher, the Word Processing course will have equipped you with the keyboard skills required.

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