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A list of Workshops currently offered by SeniorNet Garden City. This list is by no means exhaustive and consideration will be given to members requesting a workshop on any particular subject.
Each workshop session is of 2 hours, some two sessions of 2 hours and may be "hands on" or a demonstration

VINYL to CDConvert your old LP's to CD'sOne$5.00square box
ZIPPING FILESZipping and Unzipping filesOne$5.00square box
SCANNING Learn how to use your scannerOne$5.00square box
CARD MAKING Making greeting CardsOne$5.00square box
DOWNLOADINGDownload, install and uninstall programs
and files safely
One$5.00square box
COMPUTER MAINTENANCEBasic housekeeping and maintenance to
keep your computer running well
One$5.00square box
TRADEMELearn how to use TradeMe to buy and sell via the internetTwo$10.00square box
GOOGLEThere is a lot more to Google than you ever imaginedOne$5.00square box
SKYPELearn how to set-up and use Skype for audio and video communication. A broadband connection preferableOne$5.00square box
USING YOUR FLASH or PEN DRIVESaving, deleting, storing files on your removable Flash Drive and taking proper care of itOne$5.00square box
Workshops of 1 x 2 hour session - $5, and workshops of 2 x 2 hour sessions - $10
Click HERE to go to the Workshops Application form page