Introduction to Designing and Writing Webpages

This course is not for the absolute beginner as you need to be familiar with basic skills like saving and opening files. If you have successfully completed the Files and Disk Management course you will be equipped to tackle this course. All that is required is Windows Notepad and Internet Explorer. You will learn how to code and create a simple web page which, although not actually accessible from the internet, will function perfectly well on your own computer as an interface to the internet. The finished pages will reside on your machine with active "hyperlinks" to sites of interest which may be changed to suit your individual preferences. Most of all, you will gain an insight into how the basic web page works which will make "surfing the net" all the more interesting. All the files and notes for the course are supplied and after completing this course you may be able to consider writing and posting to the internet a page of your own as millions have done before you. A very interesting course which will open up a whole new world of computer interest!

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